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Our Motto: Enjoy the Green Scene

It's not just a saying, soon it will be a movement. By going electric we can do our part to conserve our environment and it is an easy, fun way to travel!


Welcome to our page. We are proud to introduce our new line of mini electric bikes. Don't be fooled by the term mini. They might be small but they are mighty green machines that will bring hours of fun and easy, portable transportation. 



 You can use these bikes to get around town or with their folding capability you can fit them in your vehicle, you can take them anywhere. Here at Kapa, LLC we know how hard it is nowadays to bring style, fun, affordability and safety together, but we did with our Beach-E-Bikes.

These bikes have a long battery life that will allow you to ride around town, go to work, school, the beach, the races and just have fun all day long. No drivers license necessary.

Our company, Kapa, LLC started in Vero Beach, Florida. We want to bring our beach themed electric bikes to you.


Improve Mental Health

Electric bikes can do wonders for a persons mental health. It’s much easier to practice mindfulness when you aren’t sweating and heaving with your legs on fire. Taking in the scenery on a beautiful sunny day while cruising along on an electric bike  will relieve the stress of everyday life.

A study has shown that in older adults, cognitive abilities and mental wellbeing is gained from riding an electric bike.  Many factors contribute to this such as greater riding confidence, ease of use, time outdoors, time spent with friends and family, and exercise.  Even with physical disabilities that keep you from pedaling, you can still enjoy being outdoors.

Fun & Exciting!

Definitely the best part of an electric bike— the level of fun it brings to the riders! Just ask anyone who has taken a spin on an e-bike: Once you try it, you will want to buy it.  The fun is endless with an electric bike. No Drivers License, No Problem. Physical limits, no problem. What better way to practice social distancing, than to take one of these electric bikes out for a ride and enjoy the outdoors once again, in a safe, stylish way.


Electric bikes are the way of the future, and they are here now. Not only can they get you where you need to go faster, electric bikes will save you money in the long term, reduce your fossil fuel consumption, and make cycling attainable for those with physical limitations — All without breaking the bank. They will even give you a tax credit by going green!  


Check Your Local Laws

Before you buy your electric bike, make sure you can actually use it! Many cities and states have local laws regulating when and where you can use an ebike. Your city or county may restrict when and where different classes of electric bikes might be used, depending on if they have a throttle or can assist above 20 mph. Cities may also have laws about whether mountain ebikes are allowed on single-track trails. If your state classifies ebikes under the same laws governing motorcycles and mopeds, you may need a license to ride one. And no matter what, always be safe and wear a helmet.   


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